There's Only Two Parties and We're Not Invited

Since the Occupy Wall Street protests began on September 17th, I have spent a fair amount of time down at the protest site.  I have spent much of that time observing the assemblies and interviewing participants, while handing out print copies of Third Party Independent, but I have also participated in a number of rallies, marches and discussions.  The protesters are a pretty diverse lot, with people coming and going from the site almost constantly.  One thing almost everyone I've talked to there seems to agree upon is that the Democratic and Republican parties do not represent the people of the United States.  To put it in the terms that have become common among the protesters, the Democrats and Republicans together form the party of Wall Street, representing the top 1% to the detriment of the remaining 99%.  I have taken a fair amount of pictures of the protests and marches, but so far this one, taken on Saturday, is my favorite.  It speaks for itself.

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