Political Circlejerk: Democrats and Republicans Argue Over Partisan Leanings of Assassin

Following the shooting of an Arizona congresswoman, a federal judge and up to ten others outside a supermarket in Tucson, it didn't take long for the deluded partisans of the Democratic and Republican parties to begin their now formally ritualized circlejerk on the political motivations and partisan leanings of the shooter.  For Democrats, naturally, the shooting is the result of Republican policy and rhetoric.  One angry graphic activist has even gone so far as to save Sarah Palin the trouble of updating her controversial "hit list."  Via Reddit:


Republicans, on the other hand, have already convinced themselves that the shooter was "a loony leftist," and some are speculating about the possibility that he was a Daily Kos diarist.  Weasel Zippers asks, "Is this [the shooter's] Daily Kos page?" and supplies the following screenshot of a recent post at the popular Democratic website:

Both Democrats and Republicans seem to agree, however, that the suspect in question is an extremely disturbed individual.  This may go some way toward explaining their difficulty in determining whether he is a Republican or Democrat: it's a toss-up.

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Anonymous said...

These were my thoughts, a well. Great for the theater, lousy for the truth.