Independents Overtaking Partisan Dead-Enders Left and Right

New voter registration numbers are beginning to come in across the country and early signs show significant gains among Independents and decline-to-state voters.  In Arizona, Independents now outnumber Democrats and are gaining on Republicans.  From AZ Central:
The number of Arizona voters who do not designate an affiliation with any political party has exceeded 1 million for the first time, according to numbers released Monday by the Secretary of State's office. . . . 
It also marks the first time the number of independent voters is greater than those registered in one of the state's two major political parties - in this case, the Democrats.As of Jan. 1, there were 1,010,725 voters registered as "other" in the state . . . . The number of registered Democrats, by comparison, stands at 1,008,689. . . .  There are now 1,142,602 registered Republican voters in the state.
In Broward County, Florida, on the other hand, Independents now outnumber Republicans and are gaining on Democrats.  From The Shark Tank:
In what amounts to an embarrassing piece of news for the Republican Party in Florida, the number of people in Broward County registered as Republicans now trails both Registered Democrats AND Registered Independents.  Broward Republicans now trail that highly organized political party, affectionately known as “Other” by close to 1000 votes.

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