Best Libertarian Party Political Ads and Campaign Videos

Since my initial post from late last month on the year's best political ads for third party and independent candidates, a ton of new ads and campaign videos have been released by candidates across the country, and across the political spectrum, for elected offices at all levels of government.  In a series of posts this week, Poli-Tea is highlighting some of the best new ads out there, but organized by party or political affiliation.  Following Monday's post featuring Green Party political ads, today's focus is on Libertarian Party candidates.   Stay tuned later this week for campaign ads and videos from Independents.

Most True to Political Life:  In "Three Political Stooges," a supporter of Libertarian candidate for US Senate in Florida, Alex Snitker, lampoons the Democrat, Republican and Independent in the race, and urges viewers to "keep the stooges out of office."  Be sure to keep an eye on Crist's affiliation. 

Best Series of Ads: In a recent installment from his stellar series of ads, Libertarian candidate for US House in Ohio, Travis Irvine, "gives the two-party system the third finger."  See also, "Time for Pizza." 

Clearest Deconstruction of Democrat-Republican Lies, aka PromisesChuck Donovan, Libertarian candidate for US Senate in Georgia.

Twin Evils and the Bipartisan Charade: Warren Redlich, Libertarian candidate for governor of New York. 

Most Likely to Appeal to Redditors: "Beni-Wan Cat-Obi," Star Wars and the wisdom of kitties!?  Which humans is your cat endorsing? From Erin Lale, Liberty candidate for Nevada State Assembly.

Frontal Attack on Corporate Welfare: "Beitler is Better" from Michael Beitler, Libertarian for US Senate, North Carolina.

Best Pun:"It Only Feels Kinky the First Time," featuring Kinky Friedman, for Robert Nowotny, Libertarian candidate for Texas State Representative. 

Honorable Mention: Radio ad for James Rogers, Libertarian for US House, Michigan

Honorable Mention: Targeted radio ads for Steve Kubby, Libertarian for South Lake Tahoe City Council, one ad for the fellas and one for the ladies.  Bonus: Kubby's classic South Park parody from 1999 is also now on Youtube:

As always, if there's a great video out there that you don't see here, drop a link in the comments.  For more Libertarian campaign videos, see also the Libertarian Party's Youtube Channel.  Stay tuned later this week for ads from indies.

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From the Chuck donovan campaign thanks. We ran the ad 150 time in Georgia in cities except Atlanta