Best Green Party Political Ads and Campaign Videos

As I noted yesterday, since my initial post on the year's best political ads for third party and independent candidates, a ton of new ads and campaign videos have been released by candidates across the country, and across the political spectrum, for elected offices at all levels of government.  In a series of posts this week, Poli-Tea will be highlighting some of the best new ads out there, but organized by party or political affiliation.  Today's focus is on Green Party candidates.  Later this week, I'll feature recent videos from Libertarian and Independent candidates across the country.

Best Mashup Video: From Punk Patriot for David Curtis, Green candidate for governor of Nevada

Best Anti-Duopoly Video: "Think Outside the Box," from John Gray, Green candidate for US Senate in Arkansas

Most Fearless Video: "Where are the fucking jobs?" from Howie Hawkins, Green candidate for Governor of New York

Best Grassroots Support Video: "Moms for Hugh," from Hugh Giordano, Green candidate for State Representative in Pennsylvania

Hugh from Levinth Hour on Vimeo.

Best Homage to "Moms for Hugh": "I Support Jeremy," from Jeremy Karpen, Green candidate for State Representative in Illinois

Best Series of Attack Ads: Tom Clements, Green Candidate for US Senate in South Carolina, goes on the attack against his Republican opponent Jim Demint. Follow the link for all three ads.

Most Street Cred: Laura Wells, Green Candidate for Governor of California.  The ad below features images of the gubernatorial candidate's arrest outside a debate from which she had been excluded. 

Most Creative Use of Political Cliche: In "Fresh Air," Ben Manski, Green candidate for State Assembly in Wisconsin, suggests that we can thank the coal lobby for the traditional "smoke filled room."

Best Ad from a State Affiliate: In "Just Because," the Green Party of New York makes its pitch for Green candidates in the Empire State.

Many thanks to Green Party Watch, On the Wilder Side and Independent Political Report for keeping tabs on all these campaigns. They were indispensable resources for tracking down the above videos.  See also the Green Party's video page.  And, of course, I am certain there are many Green Party ads and campaign videos I overlooked or simply did not see.  Did I miss one from a Green candidate in your neck of the woods?  Drop a link in the comments.  Stay tuned for a roundup of Libertarian and Independent ads and campaign videos later this week.


Ron said...

Love the post! Great videos.

Cranky Critter said...

Where are the GREEN fucking jobs? WHAT are the green fucking jobs?

Everyone in that video is right to ask where the jobs are. But I for one don't see any particular detail or insight behind these magical "green jobs" that all the green candidates are talking about.

Providing big gov't subsidies does nothing to create a sustainable enterprise. What happens to these green jobs when the government well runs dry?

Forgive me for being the turd in the punchbowl, but I just don't see us rowing out of the big hole we're in now via windmills, solar panels, biofuel, and electric cars. It sounds like a fantasy to me. Not saying it can't do some good. Just that it doesn't feel like there's enough meat on that bone for it to be the centerpiece of recovery.

Cheryl Wolfe said...

Hey cranky, read some Hermann Scheer!

Cranky Critter said...

Oh Yes you are probably right. We are certain to get many, many green jobs as soon as most Americans read Herman Scheer. I am sure Americans will all be persuaded by the genius of a german parliamentarian and advocate of solar energy. Sorry to be sarcastic. But I mean, seriously.

Sensible people are happy to try and work towards solar as part of our future of new energy solutions. But not many folks seem to think it will be more than a single digit percentage part of the solution in the foreseeable future. Meaning the next 20 to 40 years.

In that meantime, I am mystified as to how encouraging the use of a more expensive energy via government subsidies creates sustainable enterprises that provide jobs that endure after subsidies go away.

Like it or not, most folks will keep using fossil energy until renewable sources are economically competitive. If some governments try to rig the system to artificially make renewable energy cheaper (via taxes, tariffs, etc), those nations will have trouble competing with the nations that power themselves with the cheapest fuel. That's the real world.

NYGreen said...

Howie Hawkins has a sections of his website called "Full Employment". He calls for "public investment to create jobs," the creation of "state bank to finance the creation of more private jobs more quickly," and also for "public jobs" along the lines of public works. This is not only about environmental policy or "Green jobs," the issue and solution is bigger than that.

Anonymous said...

The ads are great. every cycle Greens run better campaigns. Go we go.