Absolute Majorities Oppose Generic Democratic and Republican Candidates for Congress, 46% Open to Independent and Third Party Challengers

Among the most deceptive and self-serving myths perpetuated by the ideologues of the two-party state in the corporate commentariat and the ruling political class is the assertion that the American people are, as it were, split down the middle in their support for the Democratic and Republican parties. In reality, there are more registered voters who opt not to vote rather than throw their votes away in support of a Republican or a Democrat, as voter turnout statistics from the last forty years clearly demonstrate. Even in presidential election years, the candidates of the major parties barely garner the support of a majority of registered voters when their votes are tallied together! A new poll commissioned by NBC/WSJ (pdf) queried respondents specifically about their attitudes toward third party and independent candidates, rather than maintain the fiction that there are no alternatives to the corporatist stooges of the Democratic-Republican two-party state. Among the findings, via Ballot Access News:
Would you be more likely to vote for a Republican candidate for Congress, a Democratic candidate for Congress or for an independent or third party candidate for Congress?

Republican candidate – 31%
Democrat candidate – 34%
Independent or third party candidate – 25%
Not sure – 10%
Additionally, 46% of respondents stated that they would be enthusiastic or comfortable with an independent or third party candidate, while only 23% stated that they would have reservations or be uncomfortable about the prospect. Perhaps what is most instructive about these results is not the fact that such a large portion of the public is willing to consider a third party or independent candidate for Congress, but rather that the generic Democratic and Republican candidates are each opposed by an absolute majority of registered voters. Though the dead-enders of the duopoly parties may be willing to follow the Democrats and Republicans off the proverbial cliff, that doesn't mean we have to let them take the whole country with them.

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