Tea Party Protesters Confronted By Riot Police, the True Face of Democratic-Republican Party Government

Numerous commentators are shocked today that riot police would be called in to confront a large group of protesters outside an event where the president was slated to speak. Via Memeorandum, Jim Hoft writes at Big Government: "Unreal . . . Unbelievable . . ." Of course, anyone who finds it "unreal" and "unbelievable" that peaceful protesters would be confronted by riot police is seriously out of touch with the realities of the surveillance society and national security police state that has been constructed in the United States over the course of recent decades. Militarized police units are the very face of Democratic-Republican Party government. Left Coast Rebel writes:
I wonder if we will be seeing more of this kind crackdown on Tea Party events? After scanning several stories, I sure as hell could not find an 'incident' that provoked authorities to the point of calling in riot police.
If there is any question here, it is the following: why hadn't we already seen such shows of force by the police at tea party protests? As I wrote last July in a post on a tea party protest that drew unwanted attention from local police:
Since many Tea Party organizers admit that they are new to the forms of protest they have begun to employ, it was only a matter of time before they realized that protesters are often not looked upon kindly by members of the law enforcement community, to put it mildly.
At political protests in the United States, the deployment of riot police to confront people exercising their constitutional rights is the rule rather than the exception. At future events, keep an ear out for the following announcement regarding your freedom of speech and assembly:
To those who remain, by order of the chief of police, I hereby declare this to be an unlawful assembly. I order all those assembled to immediately disperse, you must leave the immediate vicinity. If you do not disperse you may be arrested and/or subject to other police action.
In practice, such declarations are followed by the deployment of tear gas, flash grenades and rubber bullets, all on the tax payer's dime, of course.

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