Jesse Ventura: "I despise these two parties. They're ruining our country."

Former governor Jesse Ventura has been making the rounds on the various talk shows, promoting his new book. On Fox & Friends, the one-time pro-wrestler did not shy away from expressing his views on the Democratic-Republican two-party state. Transcribed from the video below:
Ventura: I'm concerned over these two parties because they don't have the United States of America first, they have their party first. They vote for their party first and the United States comes second or third . . .

Fox&Friends: Who do you like in national politics today?

Ventura: Is there an independent out there? . . . to me you're not really an independent unless you run as one . . . I just don't like the parties . . . don't get me wrong, it's not individuals, I despise the two parties, despise them. They're ruining our country.
At That Crashing Sound, BP finds Ventura's position in this regard unsurprising, given that the two-party system resembles nothing so much as the choreographed spectacle characteristic of so-called "professional wrestling":
my theory compares America's so-called opposing parties to two professional wrestlers. The Democrats & Republicans are just like Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Savage, roaring and blustering and talking trash and throwing each other around the arena, all according to script, taking turns winning according to the script. After the big tussle they go backstage and pat each other on the butt or whatever, then they each take their cut of OUR MONEY and pass the major part on to The Man. We as the audience or as voters are left excited, entertained, and a little more stupid than before.

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