The Growing Left-Wing Opposition to the Democratic Majority

The Obama administration's failure to deliver the change many believed he had promised has led to disillusionment among liberal Democrats, but it seems to have energized and emboldened third party and independent activists on the left. Last week, I noted David Lindorff's call for a unified, broad-based left-wing party. Yesterday, IPR reported on a widely read challenge to Green Party activists, arguing that a "radical populist movement" is necessary to effect meaningful change in the current political climate. ZZ's Blog indicates that Communists are also amenable to such a strategy:
Now is not the time for bitterness, anger, blame (or even “I told you so”). It is the time, however, for thinking hard and seriously about alternatives to the two-party monopoly of political power. It is the time to press aggressively for an independent people’s agenda, beginning today with an all-out effort to force single-payer, universal health care – an urgent and immediate need – on to the legislative front burner… with or without President Obama.


Anonymous said...

They've got to link up with James Ostrowski's National Day of Protecting Obama's Democrat Wars.

d.eris said...

I'm not familiar with Ostrowski. What's the story there?