Tea Party Founder Speaks Out in Support of #OWS

Karl Denninger was an early founder and organizer of the Tea Party movement in January and February 2009.  Throughout 2010, he was outspoken in his opposition to the hijacking of the movement by the Republican party and has now begun speaking adamantly in favor of the Occupy Everything protests spreading across the country, identifying significant points of convergence between the goals of Occupy Wall Street and the original goals of the Tea Party movement.  A Huffington Post article on Denninger from October 2010:
Karl Denninger, an original organizer of the Tea Party, is out with a livid blog post blasting current leaders of the conservative movement and the apparent hypocrisy in their views of the economic issues that originally catalyzed its creation.
According to Denninger, "Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Bob Barr, and douchebag groups such as the Tea Party Patriots" are to blame for the bastardization of a movement that now seems focused on "Guns, gays, God," instead of the Tea Party's original mission: to castigate the federal government for supporting the "rampant theft" of taxpayer dollars that went toward "propping up FAILED private businesses."  Here's the down and dirty of what Denninger believes the Tea Party was all about:
In short, The Tea Party was and is about the the corruption of American Politics and the blatant and outrageous theft from all Americans that has resulted. It is about personal responsibility and enforcement of the law against those who have robbed, financially ****d and pillaged the nation . . . Tea Party my ass. This was nothing other than The Republican Party stealing the anger of a population that was fed up with The Republican Party's own theft of their tax money at gunpoint to bail out the robbers of Wall Street and fraudulently redirecting it back toward electing the very people who stole all the ****ing money!
Last weekend, Denninger posted a lengthy editorial on his website entitled "Occupy Pensacola: Alleged "Conservatives" Better Wake Up."  In the piece, Denninger documents his visit to a local Occupy protest in Pensacola Florida, which he attended with two officers of the Okaloosa County Libertarian Party, and debunks numerous talking points that have become common currency among Republican party hacks who seek to demonize Americans who are standing up in opposition to the cozy relationship between economic and political elites.  Excerpt:
Today I traveled to Occupy Pensacola.  Yes, folks, it's spreading.  I went for two reasons: I wanted to see this so-called progressive stack in action that I had heard was all the rage (and was basically reverse-discrimination) and I also was very interested in seeing what the composition of the crowd was like.  Full disclosure: I went with two officers of the Okaloosa County Libertarian Party, and we had signs too . . . .

now on that Progressive Stack thing.  While I was there they did the "people's mic" speaking deal, where people queued to speak and did the "three or four word" deal that was then echoed back through the crowd.  Unlike NYC it's legal to use a bullhorn, but about half of the speakers decided instead to use the "people's mic" - myself included.

I'm a white man, the last guy you'd think would get the chance to speak, right?  I'd be asked to "step back"?  Uh, no.  Anyone who stood in line got called in turn without fear or favor.  We were a nice motley crew made up of men and women of all ages, races, colors and sizes, and we all took our turn.  Nobody hogged the floor or said anything that could be reasonably attributed as communist or racist. 
But there was one overwhelming theme: The people have been robbed, the Wall Street and DC people did it, and the people have had enough of the lies, broken promises and outright theft. . . .

OWS looks like exactly what it appeared to be from 20,000 feet, despite the claims of many in the media and other so-called "punditry."  It's a group of very*****ed-off ordinary citizens who, as I noted on RT, know damn well they got serially screwed, but they're not sure exactly how. 
They know who did it though, and have identified the correct targets for their wrath.
Now it's time to see if the political establishment will Stop the Looting and Start Prosecuting, as they should have four years ago, because it certainly appears that this is not a "one-day" protest, it is a movement, and it's not going away.
The situation here is very simple: either you support the plutocratic collusion of big business and big government, or you do not.  If you support Republicans or Democrats, you do.  

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