Just Say "NO!" to the Two-Party State

A letter to the editor of The Aquarian Weekly:
“Two party system. Yeah!” After all these years, I finally get what you’ve been going on and on about, Mr. Campion (GOP VACUUM – Issue: 10/5/11). The choices are always the same. The ideas are always the same. The people are basically the same. We are stuck on a political merry-go-round and in a very real way it is fixed! The two party system must be eradicated, especially now that there are more independent voters, and an increasing number of non-party affiliated ideas/voters out there with cross-interests and now with these Tea Party and Wall Street movements, so many that are mainly fed up with the status quo, and not the Obama/Democrat status quo, or even the Bush/Republican status quo that bore it, but these refurbished, repackaged clones of the ones before who made us run in the opposite direction with this false hope that anything would change, just to finally and sadly realize it was the same failed junk over and over and over again.

What is Mitt Romney going to give us that the first two Bushes didn’t? Let’s face it, he’s basically Barack Obama without the personality. And why oh why did we believe Obama would be any different than anyone who came before in a Democrat suit. It makes the entire concept of voting seem silly. And that may be the saddest comment of all.

So, I can feel every dripping, disgusted bit of your sarcasm from here.  And now I reluctantly agree with its sobering premise.  Two party system, NO!

—Kathy Mason

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