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New York is one of just a handful of states that allow fusion voting.  Under fusion voting, a candidate for a given office can be nominated by a number of parties.  Cross-endorsement allows third parties to have more influence over those major party candidates who seek their formal support, but, in this way, it also functions as just another means by which the major parties co-opt third party groups and rob them of their political independence.  Not infrequently, it happens that Democrats and Republicans cross-endorse the same candidate – in which case, unless there is a viable third party candidate in the race, the general election is transformed into a mere formality or a farce.  It is obviously also possible, however, that a coalition of third party groups could cross endorse their own candidate to oppose an incumbent Democrat or Republican who might otherwise run unopposed.  Just such a plan appears to be in the works in Suffolk County on Long Island.  At On the Wilder Side, Kimberly Wilder relays a message from a local public access television producer who's taking the initiative to take the county government back from the party bosses.  Excerpt:
Disgruntled democrats and disgruntled republicans, both women and men, who are willing to wage a coalition of primaries in the 2011 upcoming election for 19 elected seats at the Suffolk County legislature. Zabby will help you run a primary campaign on Public Access Television to defeat the hand-picked choices of the Republican Party bosses and the Democratic Party bosses.

Disgruntled third party enthusiasts (Conservative Party, Independence Party and Working Families Party), tired of the way party bosses encourage cross-endorsements of the same old democrats and republicans? Then you too can run primaries for your line against the same.

Together, we will fight the extended history of corruption, cronyism (pay to play), corporate welfare, tax evasion, fraud, local bank bailouts,  and business as usual behind closed doors.  Once in office, the new coalition can enforce the law, to start. Also, we can use home rule to self-determine and customize law in our own local neighborhoods on social, economic, ecological and political issues independent of burdensome General Law — one size fits all state law.

We will stand up, assume power and secure local governing authority to fight the corporatocracy and plutocracy operating against us. We have a natural right to good self-governance. There can be no hope, no change without action. Those now in office are derelict in their duties and responsibilities to oversee and enforce the law. The incumbent politicos avoid transparency and accountability. The Suffolk County Legislature holds meetings during the day, which circumvents the Open Meetings Law (Section 100)*  They are afraid to have the public witness their deliberations and decisions in the making of public policy.

We, the coalition of good democrats and republicans, can run primaries by getting petitions signed in June to obtain ballot access.
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Anonymous said...

I love the concept of this website. This is strongly needed. Is there any group that you are affliated with that meets regulary to discuss these impartant issues. I hear about you from the "in other news program" on WBAI.
Thank you,

d.eris said...

Thanks for your comment Monique. You heard about Politea on WBAI?! What was the date of the show? I'd be very interested to hear what they had to say.

If you're interested in discussing these issues, we're here online every day! Discussions in the comments section are always a great read, and even more so the more people there are who participate.

Among other online sources, you might also be interested in checking out Third Party and Independent Daily, Independent Political Report, or any of the other blogs lists in the sidebar.

As for groups that meet regularly to talk about these issues off-line (in the NYC area, which is where I'm located) there are the regular meetings of the Libertarian Party of Manhattan in the East Village, Green party meetings out on Long Island, there's also the Brecht forum for more radical left wing discussion groups, and then meetings/conferences of Independent groups like

I don't regularly attend any, but check them out when I get a chance. What about you?

Anonymous said...

I think politics should be governed by scientific surveys: