Where do Independents come from?

A cartoon via About, the making of an Independent:

And here's another, entitled "College Call Home," from Randy Miller at the Utah League of Independent Voters:


Randy Miller said...

Thanks Damon, but 'ya know, pretty much everybody I showed this one too thought it was a dud.

d.eris said...

Really? I liked it. Plus, it could also work both ways, with the parent telling the son/daughter that s/he's become an independent, and the son/daughter reacts with horror, and quickly provides talking points from the college Republicans or college Democrats.

But this one got me, kind of by coincidence as well: a friend of mine here in NY was just telling me that he was recently at dinner with his parents and they started talking politics, and he explained how he's begun to think of himself as an independent and they were horrified(!), being lifelong Democrats. I asked him if they trotted out the lesser-evil argument, and he just laughed and asked, "how'd you know?"