The Two-Party Two Step and the March of Tyranny

A great cartoon from Ben Garrison, entitled "The March of Tyranny":

Garrison originally posted the cartoon about a year ago with this explanation:
My cartoon (click to enlarge) shows how the banking and corporate masters (crony capitalist fascists) control both major parties behind the scenes. They keep us distracted with left vs. right while giving us the illusion that voting for one of the other parties will solve things. It won't.
The cartoonist recently returned to a discussion of this particular work after it was revealed to him that a neo-Nazi propagandist had appropriated it for his own ends.  From Garrison:
There's an entity or unknown cretin out there changing my cartoons--adding in offensive Jewish stereotypes--and then spreading them throughout the internet. While leaving MY name on them. . . . Please help me report these creeps and if you see them on blogs, demand their removal.
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Solomon Kleinsmith said...

Crony capitalist fascists? Give me a fucking break. Conspiracy theory bullshit.

TiradeFaction said...

I'd probably use a term more akin to "Runaway high finance", but then again I'm not opposed to "capitalism", just runaway laissez faire kind :P

d.eris said...

imo, the evidence is pretty convincing that the Democratic and Republican parties have created a crony capitalist state, ex. the revolving door between government, the corporate board room and K Street lobbying firms, ex. the FCC chairman approves deal for NBC/Comcast merger then moves on to become CEO of Comcast, ex. the privatization of profit and the socialization of loss for select corporate entities, and so on. The list is virtually endless.

Corporatism, moreover, is closely tied to the definition of fascism, at least on its original model.

Also worth noting: Garrison's most recent post at his blog is an endorsement of Ron Paul.

TiradeFaction said...

Yup I agree D.eris.

I'm not sure we're really a fascist state though, since fascism rose from the promise (and execution) of eliminating "high finance". (Which they also equated with Judaism)

As for whether Ron Paul's policies would successfully reverse this trend, well that's another topic for discussion.

d.eris said...

I don't think there is a convincing argument that the US is a fascist state, though the power of corporations over individuals supposedly elected to represent the people is extremely troubling. One of the problems, I think, is actually with the term fascism itself. Historians/theorists/political scientists themselves don't really agree on what fascism is. If you had a checklist of 25 characteristics of a fascist government, the US would likely display more than a handful. On the other hand, interestingly, you can say almost the very same thing with respect to the list of demands put forward in Marx's Communist Manifesto.

Randy Miller said...

They are in fact cronies, that is indisputable sp?
Left, Right, Left, Right,--reminds me of a cadence I used to sing in the Army
"Your left, right, left, right, left, right KILL" Which is what armies do, but wouldn't be altogether out of characther for parties especially as depicted in this cartoon.

TiradeFaction said...


Yeah, they're no real universally accepted definition. It's funny to note, the first sustained "fascist" movement was in Italy, and was birthed by a movement of Italian syndicalists, who are often thought to be "far left", but these ones rejected both leftism (at the time Communism and socialism) and rightism (At the time laissez faire capitalism and Monarchism), and proclaiming to be "radical centrists". Just some interesting history I thought I'd share...