Dissolve the Two-Party State

At the Puget Sound Trail, Mackenzie Hepker calls for the dissolution of the Democratic and Republican parties and the election of Independent candidates to public office:
Americans do not understand that nothing is going to change or progress if we consistently apply failed solutions or if we continue to think in the directions that inevitably lead to the same policies. Neither the Democratic or Republican system is right in its overall approach to the social problems of today.
A step in the right direction would be the dissolution of these two sovereign parties, and the dilution of the bias within our citizens that clouds over reality and hinders the application of reason.
The Democratic and Republican parties are unnecessarily polarized. This nation is incredibly diverse; however, by lumping ourselves into one of two broad political divisions as we do and identifying as a member, its people are shaped by the inner desire to belong to a group – especially a powerful group. In this way, your choice of party may influence your personal beliefs as much, if not more, than the other way around. Your party is not representing you — you are representing them.
Independent (non-party) candidates for higher office deserve more attention and support in our political system – they not only show courage and faith in not affiliating themselves with the two-party system that has ruled supreme since 1852 (the one area in which Democrats and Republicans never fail is winning elections), but wisdom.
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