The Difference between Them and Us: Traveling Bureacrats Represent Serious Breach of Airport Security

The DHS/TSA's newest security protocols provide yet another demonstration of the difference between the ruling, criminal-political class and the rest of us.  When they board commercial airliners, members of the ruling political class are not subjected to the ritual humiliations forced upon the rest of us in the name of security theater.  Via Memeorandum, the New York Times reports on the dangerous security breach represented by the traveling bureaucrat:
As he left Washington on Friday, Mr. Boehner headed across the Potomac River to Ronald Reagan National Airport, which was bustling with afternoon travelers. There was no waiting for Mr. Boehner, who was escorted around the identification-checking agents, the metal detectors and the body scanners, and whisked directly to the gate. . . . Only Congressional leaders or members of Congress with armed security details are allowed to go around security. The same privilege is afforded to governors and cabinet members if they are escorted by agents or law enforcement officers.
Boehner was neither arrested nor fined for skipping security.  Of course, members of Congress, governors and cabinet members do not need to hijack an airliner to drive the country into the ground, that's already within their power.  Nonetheless, Ron Paul alluded to this significant exception to the TSA's security protocols when he introduced HR. 6416, the American Traveler Dignity Act this past week.   From his speech on the floor of the House:
But another suggestion I have that might help us: let’s make sure that every member of Congress goes through this. Get the x-ray and make them look at the pictures, and then go through one of those groping pat downs. And then I think there will be a difference. Have everybody in the executive branch, anybody who is a cabinet member, make them go through it and look at it. Maybe they would pay more attention.
Paul's bill would make it impossible for TSA agents to claim immunity if they are accused of violating the law.  In related news, a NYC councilman aims to produce legislation that would ban the use of porno-scanners in NYC airports.  From WCBS:
Council member David Greenfield is working on legislation to ban those full body scanners from all buildings in New York City, including the airports. “I’ve seen the digital scans from the machines and it’s quite shocking and quite graphic as to how much detail you can actually see of an individual going through these machines,” Greenfield told WCBS 880 reporter Rich Lamb. “Quite frankly, it was disturbing.”
As I argued earlier this week, the choice between unconstitutional strip search and state-sponsored sexual assault resembles nothing so much as the choice between the Democratic and Republican parties.  Opt out of the two-party charade.

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