The Third Rail Movement to Derail the Two-Party State

The Liberty Coalition Third Party Alliance is a group that aims to facilitate the formation of a nationwide association whose primary goal is to defeat the Democrat-Republican bipartisan political front.  I've mentioned the group before in a short profile from last April.   From the group's webpage:
The Liberty Coalition is a third party alliance made up of Americans who support Liberty and oppose Big Brother.  We welcome all Americans, third parties and organizations who love Liberty and Constitutional Government. We can agree to disagree on minor, divisive issues while we band together for Freedom!  The Liberty Coalition will function as a Major Political Alliance to run Independent Liberty Candidates who support our Four Points of Unity as their top campaign agendas.  The Democrat and Republican Leadership have abandoned the Constitution and Liberty for bank bailouts and war.  As the Two Party Monster tramples on our civil liberties, Americans must unite and oppose Big Brother Government through the political process.  The Coalition will not supplant existing third parties, organizations, liberty movements or independents. It will empower them by joining forces in a grand cross-party alliance.
The group's founder is A.J. Arias, who has just published a lengthy commentary in a number of outlets calling for the creation of a "Third Rail Movement" in opposition to the Democratic-Republican two-party state and duopoly system of government.  Arias writes:

Americans need an “outside the parties” movement to secure the blessings of Liberty and Peace for our families, our children, our land, our income and our food. Big Brother Government has been on the move to grow the Empire and expand our wars – and all we can expect is more tyranny, economic collapse and danger from the unintended consequences of politicians. What is a “third rail”?  I define “third rail” as an issue so controversial or offensive that a civilized person generally avoids bringing it up in conversation. Today, third rail issues which incite great controversy include abortion, homosexuality, teen pregnancy, slave reparations and exit strategies to never-ending wars. But none of these tomfooleries are worthy of our time on a grand-scale.

There is one third rail issue which matters to all of us. It remains taboo in the media while whispered about in the halls of State Legislatures and pubs and homes all across America. America’s most pressing and sorely-needed third rail issue is the total defiance and defeat of the Two-Party System which controls both sides of the aisle and ensures tyranny over us all. We could debate ad nauseam the pet issues which divide us ― but at the end of the day, we will only win token battles while losing the campaign for Freedom. . . .

It is generally controversial to bring up any such maverick movement or rogue player in defiance of the Republican and Democratic parties. The truth is there is nothing “rogue” about a hand-picked, politically-groomed candidate like Sarah Palin or Barack Obama. They are just as genuine or real like the Disney stars and pop singers who fill our airwaves with carefully selected marketing and group psychology.
He concludes the lengthy article with a call to action:

The Liberty Coalition is specifically designed to attract Americans from the Left and the Right who are willing to put minor issues aside in order to fight for the crucial issues facing our tattered and beaten Republic. We have four points of unity on the issues of debt, war, banks and civil liberties.
This coalition will run candidates regardless of registered party affiliation, if any. It will downplay the party for the sake of the political integrity of the candidate. Such candidates must espouse our points of Liberty as their main talking points on the campaign trail. There will be no ambiguity as to where the candidate stands or what they will do once in office.
The Liberty Coalition will not become a separate registered third party; but an alliance of third-party-minded Americans who want to work outside the Two-Party turkey shoot. It will endorse any Libertarian, Progressive, Liberal or Conservative who can agree to primarily promote our Four Points of Unity.
Read the whole thing. 

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