Independent at All Costs

From Cody Willard's blog at a Wall Street Journal Market Watch network:
Time to vote independent at all costs.   I’ve been saying for three years now that over the next decade, we will see 30% or more of Congress winning on an Independent ticket.   The Republican/Democrat Regime has pushed their corrupt, corporatist, big money policies too far down our throats.  Here’s a discussion from my facebook page yesterday that underscores the anti-Republican and equally anti-Democrat movement.  And no, the Tea Party, which has been overtaken and subverted by the Republican side of the Republican/Democrat Regime doesn’t count as a third party anymore . . .

Once you sign up for a party and become beholden to its platform (and the money behind that platform) you are no longer beholden to your constituents now, are you? You’re either bought and sold by big money and the Republican/Democrat Regime or you are outside of it.

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