Independents Write the President

As part of an effort launched by Independent Voting, Independents across the country have begun a letter writing campaign to President Obama.  From Nancy Hanks at The Hankster:
Dear Mr. President,

The Partisan Revolution is over. The time for partisanship and factionalism has passed. Whatever the midterm elections "reveal", real progress for our country cannot be made under the current partisan system. I am writing to you as part of the campaign by CUIP/ to encourage you to support structural political reform [such as open primaries, ranked voting, nonpartisan elections, etc.] as a way forward for our country and the whole world

I'm sure I am only one of many people who called my dad on election night November 4, 2008, to celebrate a magical moment. I got home around 11:30pm to Sunnyside Queens from Harlem New York, after the clear and decisive numbers were announced. Voices resounded from kids in my neighborhood yelling "OBAMA" out their windows as I lingered on the stoop to my apartment building.  "I never thought this would happen in my lifetime," my dad said . . . [Emphasis added.] 
Another lengthy submission, from Solomon Kleinsmith at Rise of the Center:
Mr. President,
Had it not been for independents in states that had open primaries swinging for you in your primary struggle with Hillary Clinton, you clearly would have never made it into office. With this in mind, it is particularly disappointing that you’ve so ignored us in several important ways over the last two or so years since you took office. . . .

You’ve lost the confidence of so many independents… not because of bad public relations, but because of your actions. Independents are hypersensitive to spin both from the GOP and your party and administration, and its disturbing that your talking heads refuse to see the writing on the wall . . . Quit fooling yourself, quit listening to talking heads and the political hacks I’m sure you’re surrounded with… and start listening to us instead. . . . [Emphasis in original.]
Unfortunately, I could not track down a description of the letter-writing campaign at Independent Voting.  But Solomon states:
Someone I know that works at pointed out that they have a promotion going on right now, asking independents to write letters, from short little notes to full length letters, to the president and send them a copy . . . If you’d like to make a submission, feel free to email them at And to send your message to the president, use the following link:
If any Poli-Tea readers are interested in participating, feel free to send me a copy as well, I'd be happy to publish your letters to the President here and/or at Third Party and Independent Daily. 


Anonymous said...

Hi. Don't have your email so I sent html descriptio to the Hankster to send to you.

Anonymous said...

Also, there is a description now on the Activist Center of :)

Cranky Critter said...

Asking for ranked voting is a waste of time. We'd have much better luck asking for open primaries and redistricting reform. Regular folks would get behind that.

No way a majority trusts ranked voting. Not after it gets deconstructed over and over by demonstrated unintended consequences.

arrvee said...

Approval or range voting, before ranked choice or instant runoff.