Independents Write the President (Update)

As I noted yesterday, Independent Voting has begun a letter writing campaign to president Obama.  The page describing the effort is now up at their activist center.  From that page:
On the October 12 conference call, Jackie Salit urged participants to "Write to President Obama":  
"What do independents have to say to Obama? That's a good question, because there are many things to say. For one thing, we might want to say to him -- We are here! But he knows that.

We might want to say to him, President Obama, We mean you no harm but we will press ahead to build our movement and pursue the structural reforms that will create more uncertainity for your party and for the Republican Party and you may not like that. And/or we might want to let him know that many Americans have come to believe that reform of any kind -- education reform, Wall Street reform, energy reform, immigration reform -- is not possible without political reform and that is what we, the independents are doing.

Let Obama know that there is a movement growing from the bottom up that does not equate a bi-partisanship with non-partisanship, and that we want independents to be included in the process at every level and at every step along the way. We are Americans concerned not with party control, but with the development of our country."

With election "fever" at full throttle, it's an important moment for independents to wage our midterm campaign. Before you vote on Tuesday, send a letter to the President! The letters written so far (see below for some excerpts) are diverse, innovative and reflective of the powerful statement that we in the independent movement are making about the need to change the political culture. Let's write 50 more letters by Tuesday.

Here is where you send your letter.

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, DC 20500

Email the president at:
Fax: 202-456-2461

Please send us a copy of your letter to or fax to: 212-609-2801.
Read the whole thing to see excerpts from some of the letters that have already been submitted.  Also, as I wrote yesterday, if any Poli-Tea readers participate in the effort, feel free to send a copy my way as well (email address is in the left sidebar just below Alice at the Mad Tea Party), I'll publish it at Third Party and Independent Daily, and excerpt it here at Poli-Tea.  

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