Poll: Independent Plurality Nears Majority, 24% Support a Third Party Tea Party

Via Free From Editors, this month's WSJ/NBC poll finds that independents increasingly outnumber Democrats and Republicans. 42% of those polled identified themselves as independents, while only 30% were willing to call themselves Democrats and a paltry 21% identified with the Republican Party. Of those who identified as independents, 16% called themselves "strict independents," while 14% admitted to leaning Republican and 12% confessed to leaning toward the Democrats. Among partisans of the legacy parties, only 20% called themselves "strong Democrats" and 13% called themselves "strong Republicans."

The poll also surveyed opinion on everything from protecting the environment, to dealing with global warming and energy policy, oversight of Wall Street and banks, dealing with natural disasters, health care, social security, dealing with the economy, taxes, moral values, etc. The survey inquired whether respondents thought Democrats or Republicans would do a better job dealing with the given issue, whether they thought both parties would do about the same, or whether neither of the ruling parties is up to the task. Roughly 20% of those polled are essentially convinced that neither Democrats nor Republicans are capable of dealing with any of the most pressing political issues facing the United States.

In other findings, 24% of respondents voiced support for a third party Tea Party; only 33% have a positive view of the Democratic Party; and 24% have a positive view of the Republican Party.

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Lone Wolf said...

Real conservatives are waking up in mass to the fact that the RepubliCON party has sold them out (eg, open borders, big government, big spending under Bush and republican controlled Congress).

The republicans and democrats are different sides of the same coin, and controlled by elite "special interests", and do not represent the people.

A viable 3rd party that replaces the compromised and controlled republican party is necessary.