The Democratic-Republican Bipartisan Front Against Voter Choice and Rational Alternatives to the Tyranny of the Two-Party State

From the Philadelphia Enquirer:
It's one thing for an independent or third-party candidate to get on the ballot in Pennsylvania. It's another for the candidate to stay there. Powers that be in the Republican and Democratic Parties were behind legal challenges in Commonwealth Court on Monday against the ballot eligibility of several candidates for governor and Congress.

The Republican State Committee said it had done "research" for a trio of citizens who challenged the election petitions of three Libertarian Party contenders - Marakay Rogers, running for governor; Douglas M. Jamison, for the Senate; and Kat Valleley, for lieutenant governor.

Democratic U.S. Senate nominee Joe Sestak challenged a Green Party candidate who has attempted to join the race with Republican Pat Toomey. Challenges also were filed against minor candidates in two area races for the House.

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