On the Radar in the Third Party and Independent Blogosphere

Yesterday, I profiled Uncovered Politics, but over the last few weeks I have come across a number of other sites and blogs that might interest Poli-Tea readers, a couple of which I have already mentioned in passing:
Moderate Third Party makes the case for a moderate third party and calls for "common sense solutions" such as those espoused by the Modern Whigs.

Free Citizen has been online since 2004, but I first came across the blog after its author, Steve Rankin, left a comment on a recent post here at Poli-Tea. Southern Crown follows ballot access issues and leans libertarian, espousing "individual liberty, free markets and limited government."

Centrist Zealot offers a centrist take on the issues of the day, with a humorous slant, as the name implies.

Ranger's Arrows, affiliated with the American Conservative Party, is the place to go for independent conservative critique of duopolist politics and ideology.

The Non-Partisan, out of Utah, offers "independent thoughts for a partisan world" based on the insight "that our current political system is broken. American politics has become more about party and partisanship than about cooperation, responsibility, and patriotism."

Primitive Data advocates digital freedom and is affiliated with the Green Party.

Turbulent Black Tea follows the issues of the day without regard to partisan or ideological affiliation: "Where right meets left - east meets west - yin and yang collide. Daily news and opinion feeds provided from ALL political and social points of view. Consider this the free-for-all every political enthusiast wishes they could have in a public arena."

Darryl Northrop's Essential Green Party Politics is devoted to third party messaging, strategy and outreach. Darryl aims to "organize Green Party groups and assist Green Party candidates, while ending the two party system in America by ushering in an era of citizen-powered multi-party majoritarian democarcy. It can be done, because it must be done."
If you've recently come across a political site that is not devoted to regurgitating Democratic or Republican talking points and engages in independent or third party critique of the two-party state from the left, right or center, or if you maintain such a site yourself, feel free to leave a link or two in the comments.


Shawn said...

I'm flattered by your inclusion. Thank you kindly for the attention.

Ross Levin said...

Add any of these to the IPR blogroll that you want to. The more the merrier over there.