CA: Green and Libertarian Parties Release Ads Against Proposition 14

The Libertarian Party and Green Party have released ads against California's Proposition 14, the "top two" primary act. Via Independent Political Report, from the Libertarians:

And from the Greens:


Nancy Hanks said...

Wow, this ad suggests almost exactly the opposite of the design of Prop 14... Hmmm. Are there commercial partisan interests involved?

The Hankster full heartedly supports California's Prop 14. Prop 14 would give voting rights to 3.5 million voters in California who currently have to bow to the party bosses to vote.

Ross Levin said...

Actually, these ads talk about what has happened when top two has been put into place.

I'm not sure what "commercial partisan interests" means, Nancy. Are they businesses? Or are they parties? I don't know. But I do know that the Green Party (and I would imagine the Peace and Freedom Party) are FAR from commercial, and they're trying to protect the ~5% of Californians who are registered minor party members.

And just to put this out there, most "commercial interests" are backing Prop 14. It's not some kind of grassroots reform effort - it started at the top with Abel Moldanado milking his position in the Senate for all it was worth and now it's being supported by things like a $50,000 a plate fundraiser by the governor and individuals/individual businesses donating hundreds of thousands of dollars.