Memorial Day Weekend Message from the Modern Whig Party

From the Modern Whig Party:
The Modern Whig Party pauses this Memorial Day weekend to recognize the sacrifice of our nation's fallen, as well as the prime place in American society that our veterans and active/reserve service members hold.

The Modern Whig movement was revived by veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. Those veterans quickly built a growing national movement that was recognized as a viable and mainstream political phenomenon. Its moderate stance and common sense, rational approach quickly inspired a diverse array of Americans of all political stripes.

Since 2010 began, the party began building its infrastructure in order to scratch its way back into the mainstream conscience. However, countless members have clamored in recent months for the current wave of Modern Whig leaders to be more action oriented and "lead from the front." Not surprisingly, these demands came largely from veterans -- many of whom participated in the numerous 2008/2009 Whig gatherings that quietly took place overseas in places such as Iraq.

These concerns have been heard loud and clear. Various active duty, reserve component personnel, and veterans are joining with non-military individuals to once again grab the reins of this historic movement.

The country needs a non-fringe movement that values common sense, rationality as opposed to partisan bickering and ideology. The Modern Whig Party will continue to build and inspire.

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