Poli-Tea Action Alert: Pressuring the Polls

If you are interested in helping Poli-Tea's ongoing effort to pressure polling organizations to include third party and independent candidates in their public opinion surveys, and consistently gauge public support for third party and independent alternatives to Democratic-Republican Party government, head over to the Public Policy Polling blog, where Tom Jensen is asking readers to suggest questions that would provide data on under-reported issues. Jensen writes:
Always looking for creative questions to ask on these national polls- not the stuff that every other pollster in the country is asking. What should we take a look at that there's not much or any data out there on?
I just left a comment suggesting that PPP gauge support for third party and independent alternatives to the Democrats and Republicans, and specifically focus on the Tea Party, Green Party, Libertarian Party and Independent candidates. It should appear under the post after it is approved. Check in at the PPP blog and leave a comment!

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