Public Policy Polling: "the time is ripe for a third party"

In a comment on the Poli-Tea Action Alert? regarding Rasmussen Reports, I just suggested that we might also consider pressuring Public Policy Polling to explicitly include third party and independent candidates in their public opinion surveys heading into the 2010 election season. Though it is focused on the 2012 presidential election, the top post on the PPP blog at the present moment is entitled: "A Third Party?" Tom Jensen writes:
Sifting through our last national poll really makes me think the time is ripe for a third party to have some success. Consider these findings:

-Independents are extremely fed up with both parties, giving Congressional Democrats a 61% disapproval rating and Congressional Republicans a 63% one.

-Beyond their general disapproval independents think both parties are too extreme ideologically. 50% think Congressional Republicans are too conservative and 49% think Congressional Democrats are too liberal compared to only 29% and 31% respectively who think those entities are 'about right.'

-The ideological unhappiness is not exclusive to independents. 20% of Democrats think that their party is too liberal and 20% of Republicans think that their party is too conservative.

Combine the Democrats and Republicans who think their party's too extreme with the independents who don't like anyone and you have a pretty significant swath of the electorate.
Jensen often asks readers for suggestions, comments and feedback for future polls. This is a perfect opportunity to make the case for the inclusion of third party and independent candidates in their surveys: follow the link and urge Tom to follow up on his insight.

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