RI: Independent Leads Governor's Race by Wide Margin

A new Rasmussen poll puts independent Lincoln Chafee ahead of all contenders in the race for governor of Rhode Island and by wide margins :
Ex-Senator Lincoln Chafee is the leader for now in Rhode Island’s race for governor . . . Chafee earns the support of 37% of likely voters in Rhode Island to 27% for Democrat Frank Caprio, the state's current treasurer, and likely Republican nominee John Robitaille’s 19%. Seventeen percent (17%) are undecided. When State Attorney General Patrick Lynch is the Democrat in the race, he earns 24% of the vote to Chafee’s 38% and Robitaille’s 22%. Given this match-up, 16% are undecided.
Anyone who argues that third party and independent candidates for office simply "can't win" because "it's a two-party system" is nothing but a shill for the Democratic-Republican Party, the duopoly system of government and the reproduction of the political status-quo.

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