Wake Up Call: Third Party Now

At Georgia's Barrow Journal, Chris Bridges calls on Americans to "wake up from their political slumber" and makes the case against reproducing the Democratic-Republican two-party state:
Change for change’s sake is not getting us anywhere. We can elect Republicans to replace Democrats and nothing is going to change. We can elect Democrats to replace Republicans and nothing is going to change. Until voters wake up from their political slumber and realize a third party is needed, we will continue to be in the same sinking boat we are going under in . . . Time to quit trying to bail out and get into another boat.

Whether it is the Libertarian Party (my choice), the Constitution Party, the Tea Party or even supporting an independent candidate, it’s time to start thinking outside the box. We can’t expect solutions when we continue to give the wrong answers.

In 2008, it was the Republican Party which fell victim to the tidal wave of voter revolt. Right now, it appears the tide is sweeping the other direction. But what good is that going to do? Candidates elected on single issues aren’t set up to be effective for the long haul.

Until we realize that they all need to be thrown out, along with this broken two-party system, we will continue to have the same problems, with no viable solution in sight. It’s time to wake up people. Shed the broken system of the two parties which, in reality, don’t have enough difference between them to amount to anything. If you truly value change, then look beyond the same slate of candidates. At the very least, look beyond candidates who simply used one office to seek a higher one. Our state and our country depend on it.


mlarocque said...

You make a lot of sense. "Is anyone out there listening?" Well I am and I plan to support anyone who isn't a republican or a democrate. I have been attending some meetings of the green party here in CT, and I like what they stand for. Keep the message going.


d.eris said...

Thanks, mlarocque. It's good to hear. Keep us updated on the Greens in Connecticut. Are they still attempting to draft Nader for Senate?