Ohio: Two Independents Sell Out, Become Part of the Problem Rather than the Solution

In Ohio, two previously independent candidates for the US House have determined to sign a pact with the political devil and become part of the problem rather than the solution. Surya Yalamanchili and Rich Iott have, pathetically, declared their political co-dependency with the Democratic and Republican Parties. Cincinnati.com reports on Yalamanchili:
A third candidate has entered the Democratic primary in Ohio’s 2nd Congressional District – Surya Yalamanchili, a 28-year-old East End resident who was on the Donald Trump reality show, “The Apprentice.” Yalamanchili announced his campaign in November, saying he would run as an independent. But he changed course Wednesday, announcing he would run as a Democrat.
On the other side of the duopoly divide, the Toledo Blade reports on the state of Iott's campaign:
Aiming to unify the conservative vote, Monclova Township businessman Rich Iott announced Thursday he'll drop his independent candidacy for the seat now held by U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D., Toledo) and run instead for the Republican nomination. That move will put him up against former Toledo Police Chief Jack Smith, who has declared himself as a candidate for the GOP nomination in the May 4 primary. Mr. Iott's switch comes after some in the conservative Tea Party movement complained that having both Mr. Iott and Mr. Smith on the Nov. 2 ballot would split the conservative vote.
And so, once again, we find political cowardice masquerading as political calculus.


BuelahMan said...

Wonder what the payday was?

d.eris said...

That's the question, B.Man. It's pretty disappointing.