Wanted: Anyone but these people.

The Wisconsin State Journal bemoans the lack of competition in the state's Republican and Democratic gubernatorial primaries and even goes so far as to call for third party challengers for the governor's seat:
It's as if the Democratic and Republican primaries for governor have already wrapped up 10 months before voters get their say.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is the lone Democrat of note seeking his party's nomination next September. Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker is the leading candidate for the Republican nomination . . . the bigwigs in the Democratic and Republican parties seem bent on crowning their respective kings long before most voters even focus on the race . . .

Both Barrett and Walker are strong candidates with extensive experience, support and contrasting ideas. But voters deserve more choice, ideas and debate. That's what statewide primaries are supposed to provide. Instead, neither major party may have a competitive primary for the second gubernatorial election in a row . . .

Voters should encourage more candidates to jump or stay in the race. Let the candidates know you have an open mind and won't be swayed by slick TV ads. Former Libertarian candidate for governor Ed Thompson also showed in 2002 that third-party voices can enrich the debate even if the political system is stacked against them.

Thompson is the mayor of Tomah, Wisconsin. In 2002, he garnered 11% of the vote in his bid for governor on the Libertarian ticket.

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