Third Party and Independent Web Roundup

In the news:
Ballot Access News relays an article from Illinois "about a Democratic Party-connected challenge to the Green Party’s candidate for U.S. House in the 14th district." The Green Party candidate is Dan Kairis, whose petition signatures are being challenged by Democrat (?) Jean Cattron. Get this quote from Cattron justifying the petition challenge: "He's just one of those perennial candidates . . . I just feel like everybody should play by the same rules." In American politics there are few things more pathetic than Democrats and Republicans whining "it's not fair" that they should face competition from independent and third party candidates.
• At Independent Political Report, Ross Levin collects a number of items pertaining to the story, also out of Illinois, regarding "a (possibly former) Young Democrat named Sean Burke [who] is running in the Green Party primary for Cook County Board President in Illinois. There has been some concern that he is some kind of saboteur from the Democratic Party." The Green Party in Illinois's paranoia may be justified given neo-Nazi attempts to claim the group's banner in state elections.

From the parties:
• The American Conservative Party critiques what I'll call "Messianic Republicanism": "The American Conservative Party was founded by a group of people who grew disillusioned with the Republican party . . . we finally decided that not only was there no Messiah of the Right, but there should not be such an icon."
• The Communist Party USA urges: "keep up the momentum for strong health care reform now."
• In a commentary for the Constitution Party, Darrel Castle also broaches the topic of health care reform, writing: "I would argue then that rather than opposing healthcare reform of any kind, our approach should be to offer a different healthcare solution . . . The only thing that will bring costs down is a system of true free market competition."
• The Green Party highlights an effort by Georgia Greens challenging the state's congressional delegation to "shut down" the military training camp known as the School of the Americas.
• The Libertarian Party blog reports that, following the party's call for candidates last week, 167 people responded within two days.
Empire State News reports on the development of the Modern Whig Party in New York.
• The US Pirate Party is currently in the process of identifying "possible municipal level policies for the party."

In the blogs:
• At A Green State of Mind, Darin Robbins "deconstructs the first amendment."
• At Bonzai, Mike Farmer argues that Libertarians need to "reclaim the right."
Buelahman observes that corporatists "blame government for the failure of corporate America . . . And both parties are complicit."
Fundman is back at Contra-Duopoly, and finds "some truth behind the rhetoric."
• Delaware Libertarian relays seven reasons to leave Afghanistan now.
Green Party Watch reports on the Georgia Green party's plans "to address the issue of the high rate of incarceration among African-Americans."
• At Least of All Evils, Dale Sheldon show how "a majority of a majority is a minority" under plurality voting.
Northern Virginia Whig provides his take on healthcare.
• At Mirror On America, Liberal Arts Dude compares conservative with progressive political infrastructure.
• The Prog Blog reflects on "consumerism, expectations and government."
• At The Whig, Septimus relays an article by the executive editor of Roll Call, calling for third party solutions to the problems created by two-party politics.
Sam Wilson reflects on "the conservative victim mentality" at The Think 3 Institute.

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