New Jersey Independent: Don't Call the Arsonists to Put Out the Fire

At The Daily Record, Stuart Sendell voices support for independent gubernatorial candidate Chris Daggett's attempt to "break two-party rule in New Jersey," and makes the case that representatives of the Republican and Democratic Parties are incapable of fixing the problems faced by the state precisely because they are part of the problem facing the state:
The basic problem is that politics has become a career, not a chance to give back to the community by choosing public service . . . This is why I am backing an independent, Chris Daggett, to break from the two-party rule that has nearly bankrupted our state.

[Republican] Chris Christie is a product of pay-to-play. He got his job as a U.S. attorney by raising money for George W. Bush's campaign and paid back his bosses with cash as soon as he could. He may have used public funds to save his brother from conviction and to help a former freeholder/lawyer buddy.

[Democrat Jon] Corzine is an example of how arrogant Goldman Sachs alumni have used their ill-gotten fortunes to enter the public arena and "play" with our futures. They have both sold their souls to get where they are and are not willing to make the hard decisions necessary to turn things around.

In my opinion, New Jersey is General Motors, the Democrats are the United Auto Workers and the Republicans are the clueless high-paid board and managers. An independent is needed to manage a controlled bankruptcy process and reset the business . . . We could have a "cash for clunkers" program allowing us to turn in our current elected officials for true public servants.

Daggett is supremely qualified to be governor . . . Please join us in sending a message to the "business as usual" political parties and contribute your money and time to Daggett's campaign.


Alexander Higgins said...

Chris Daggett has a very strong message that resonates with voter's about breaking the corrupt two party rule that plagues NJ.

Not long ago Daggett wrote an editorial about the message we need to send to Trenton which more expand's upon his NJ Voter Declaration of Independence.

NJ Centrist's latest blog post says it's time for a game changer and Daggett

Our chance to fight the corruption an the broken two-party system that enslaves us all is here.

I encourage anyone reading this comment to learn more about Chris Daggett and learn how we can help finally bring a real change to the corrupt politics as usual.

d.eris said...

Thanks for all the links Alex. It looks like the media are beginning to take Daggett more seriously. Just the other day I noted a poll that swept up all the independent and third party candidates in the race under the rubric "some other candidate". But Quinnipiac has now included him by name in a new poll, and he's already pulling 7%.

Alexander Higgins said...

Its also notable that same Quinnipiac poll that indicates Chris Daggett is pulling 7% shows that only 9% of voters even know about him.

That means that 78% of voters who know about Daggett plan on voting for him. His message is strong and clear and resonates among those who hear it.

The only thing left to do is to spread the word about Chris Daggett in time for the Novemeber Election.