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While Republicans and Democrats enjoy bickering over whether the mainstream media and polling organizations have a liberal or a conservative bias, there is no question as to whether they actively marginalize the views and perspectives of third party activists and independents. New Jersey is in the midst of its 2009 gubernatorial campaign, for which there are a number of alternative choices to the incumbent Democrat Jon Cozine and Republican challenger Chris Christie. Among them is independent candidate Chirs Daggett, who has qualified for matching campaign funds and a place in the gubernatorial debates. But consider the findings of this Rasmussen poll on public opinion in the state:
A new Rasmussen Reports survey of voters in the Garden State finds Christie on top 50% to 37%. Five percent (5%) prefer some other candidate, and eight percent (8%) are not sure.
When I read this, I was surprised that Daggett had so little support, given that he has been in the news of late, and initially assumed that the 5% who "prefer some other candidate" represented the sum of those who voiced support for any of the other candidates in the race: Jason Cullen (I), Chris Daggett (I), Ken Kaplan (L), Greg Pason (S). However, it turns out that this was the literal wording used in the survey. Respondents were literally offered a choice between "Chris Christie (R)," "Jon Corzine (D)" and "Some Other Candidate"! Given that there are more unaffiliated voters in NJ than there are either registered Republicans or Democrats, and by significant margins, one has to wonder what effect the inclusion of a third candidate's name and affiliation, or lack thereof, would have on such a poll.

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James Carville said...

You bring up some excellent points. The reality is the American political expert, the ones that play this game everyday, are not willing to accept reality. We are evolving from the two party system into a fractured state of multi-parties. This will be a benchmark election. It will establish for the first time in modern history a true independent feeling from the people. You have the list below you provided in the previous article. look how many are running. Of particular interest is this fellow Trevor Drowm from my own state. He rufuses to follow conventional wisdom of running a standard Federal Campaign. His following is growing stronger everyday, he adapts as things change and he lays low when it is smart to do so. Then you are not watching and he comes up with something else. I expect this will be an interesting campaign. There is no doubt uin that state that Blanche Lincoln is toast. What makes it such a great opportunity for Drown, is the State GOP is so incompetent, they are actually helping him get into office. Not to mention some of them are covertly doing this on purpose because of how stuck in the mud some of these Right Wing Family Value people are.