Declarations of Independence

In a post on the rise of the independent movement, Reddragon62 calls for the overthrow of the two-party system:
We have seen that putting our trust and our beliefs in the two party system has gotten us nowhere . . . When will you finally free yourselves from the bondage that is the two Party System? Do we not hold the power to force change? Have we forgotten what it means to hold these elected whores responsible? These "political prostitutes" are beholden to you and me, not to Big Money!
The problem, of course, is that the "political prostitutes" are in fact not beholden to you and me, but rather to big money. That is, until you and me stop voting them into office. In a different vein, likening politicians to whores and calling the apparatchiks of the duopoly "political prostitutes" is degrading and insulting . . . to sex workers.


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Damon -

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thanks for the tip . . .