Gary Johnson Will Seek Libertarian Nomination for President

It is all but confirmed that former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson will seek the Libertarian Party's nomination for president in 2012.  Johnson is now the second GOP presidential hopeful who will seek a third party nomination.  Buddy Roemer announced a number of weeks ago that he will seek the Americans Elect nomination.  From USA Today:
Former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson will abandon his GOP presidential bid and seek the White House under the Libertarian Party banner. Johnson has drawn scant attention in the race for the Republican Party nomination and barely registered in national public opinion polls, which are often used as a criteria for participation in debates.  He has scheduled a news conference on Dec. 28 at the Capitol building in Santa Fe, N.M., to announce his decision. "He is representing a viewpoint and a viewpoint that needs to be heard and he's going to do whatever it takes to get that done," Johnson spokesman Joe Hunter told the Associated Press.


Anonymous said...

I will be a write in canidate in the 2012 general election for the office of the president, please review my presentation on facebook. B.E.L.

SonofSaxon said...

I completely agree with you that a Third Party must arise if anything is to change. The RepubliCON and Demonrat parties are COMPLETELY controlled by "Establishment Elites", and are essentially different sides of the same coin.

The problem is that the system is so completely rigged, with the "voting" process being rigged by the electronic voting machines, etc...that some serious overhall of the entire system is needed before we can "clean house."

By the way, I am the author of the TruthSeeker Archive blog.

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