Some Third Party and Independent News and Views Items from Around the Web

Many readers here at Politea check in on a regular basis to click through the headlines in the site's various News Share feeds.  The custom feeds and widgets, created with tools from the Google Reader application, provided a simple and efficient way to share a large number of news and editorial items from across the web.  Unfortunately, in revamping its user interface, Google has now removed much of that functionality from Reader.  This has led to a backlash from many people who relied on Google Reader to share news items in this way, among others.  Hopefully, those tools will soon either be re-integrated into the platform, or a new service will be developed by others that provides the same sorts of functionality.  Until that happens, I'm sorry to say, the Politea News Share feeds will be dormant.  In the meantime, I'll be sharing items that I once would have sent to the feeds in posts here at Politea as well as at Third Party Independent.  So here we go.  Some interesting news and editorial items from around the web:

• From TPI: Jill Stein: a Green Alternative to the Candidates of the Wall Street Parties
Americans Elect Qualifies for Ballot in Ohio
DC Politics is Broken
The Vital Center Occupies Wall Street
US Wants a Third Party Option
New Party on the Horizon
Poll: 61% Want a Third Party
Voters Reject Parties
          • Occupy Wall Street Is the Third Party


Dale Sheldon-Hess said...

You could create a PoliTea G+ account and people could follow you there; I think that's Google's preferred "upgrade" path.

TiradeFaction said...

The new interface for Google reader is ...terrible! Same goes with Gmail. Like with YouTube, Google dropped the ball here, *tsk tsk*.

d.eris said...

Yes, I just set up a G+ page yesterday but haven't done anything with it yet, Dale. It doesn't seem to be nearly as versatile as Reader was in terms of sharing. Ex. there is no way to embed shared items on other websites such as this page. I've read that an effort is underway to bring the old functionality back to Reader. I've also seen a couple reports that people are independently working on a new application that would have much of the old functionality that was in Reader. See:

I totally agree with your assessment of the new interface TF. I'm looking forward to see what the Hive Mined people come up with.