Occupy Government: Occupy Activsts Form First Local Party Organization

It was only a matter of time before activists engaged in the Occupation protests spreading across the country formed a political party to advocate for their interests and goals.  It appears the first occupation protest party organization in the country has been formed in Ohio as an outgrowth of Occupy Cincinnati.  Organizers with the group have joined Third Party Independent and published their first article there, entitled: "Introducing the Occupation Party."  Excerpt:
What is The Occupation Party?
The Occupation Party represents all Americans who want reform that brings back honesty and transparency into our governmental and political institutions—in short, a return to government that is truly by the people, for the people and that serves the interests of the people first and foremost.

Why Do We Need A Political Party?
Some claim the will of the 99% is adequately represented by the existing political parties. But the evidence says otherwise. Both the Democratic and Republican parties are equally driven by donors’ dollars (corporate and individual), and are taking actions and supporting policies that benefit corporate and wealthy interests over those of the rest of us.  Many of those actions and policies have long-term results that run counter to the best interests of the country as a whole.
That’s why a separate political party is needed to translate the energy and ideas of the Occupy Wall Street movement and the 99% into concrete, actionable solutions to fix our nation’s problems.  Someone needs to act with the needs of the people in mind, not just the privileged elite that funds our elections in order to control our policies.

What Does The Occupation Party Plan to Do?
Our action plan is a work-in-progress, and we encourage members of the public to participate in our forums and discussions about the best responses to the many difficult issues our nation faces.
Currently, our plan includes actions on three fronts . . . 
Read the whole thing.  (While you're at the site, join in the discussion and consider signing up with an account to publish there as well!)  For more about The Occupation Party, follow the link and check out their site.

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