God and the State: The Unholy Alliance between the Republican and Democratic Parties

It is widely understood that Republicans and Democrats elevate the interests of party above those of the people.  A new documentary by James Jaeger, entitled "SPOILER – How a Third Political Party Could Win,” argues that they also place party before God and country, and makes the Christian case for third party and independent political activism.  From Alex Murashko at The Christian Post:
In the film produced by Matrixx Productions and available on DVD, Jaeger said he explores the underlying causes of the welfare-warfare state ushered in by the Democratic and Republican parties over the past 98 years as a result of both parties failing to follow the moral principles in the Bible.
Jaeger enlisted the expertise of former presidential candidates running as nominees from third political parties, including Pat Buchanan and Chuck Baldwin. Also, seen in the 119-minute film is theologian Peter Lillback.

“We wanted the perspective of a presidential candidate and how tough it is to get in there,” Jaeger told The Christian Post. “The film is about the idea … that the Republicans and the Democrats are just simply not following the Constitution as well as they could be.” . . .

The film is Jaeger’s fifth documentary, much of the content being about the U.S. government’s out of control spending and increasing power over the lives of citizens.

“Both entrenched parties have grown the government way beyond that envisioned by the framers, and worse, they have placed the State in competition with the Church as the ‘author of all charity’ and the ‘source of God-given, inalienable rights,’” Jaeger states.

“Not only that, multinational corporations have hijacked Congress leading to laws that have outsourced American industry, undermined the middle class and eroded the family unit,” he adds. “SPOiLER lays out a strategy whereby a new, or existing, third political party could defeat the DemoPublicans and reinstate Constitutional principles based on traditional Christian values.”

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