24% Would Vote for Third Party Candidate for President

From UPI:
Almost one-quarter of U.S. voters say they might vote for a third-party presidential candidate, with young voters and independents more likely.  More than four in 10 of voters between the ages of 18 and 29, and 36 percent of those who identify themselves as independents told the Zogby Poll they might for an alternative to Republicans and Democrats. Twenty-four percent of all voters said they might vote for a third party.  Men at 31 percent were almost twice as likely as women at 16 percent to say they would consider a third-party candidate.
It is fairly clear why younger people and Independents would be more likely to consider voting for an Independent or third party candidate for president.  But how can we account for the disparity between men and women?  Why are so few women willing to declare their Independence from the Republican and Democratic parties? 

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Anonymous said...

Might be explained by the observation than most women are less political than men, even when genders hold the same education. Women in general speak fo non-political issues when gather toguether..!