Politea at Occupy DC

As you might have noticed, it's been a couple days since the last post here at Politea. I'm down in DC to cover the Occupy DC convergence that began on Thursday. Thousands of people participated in various events yesterday and today. It is expected that more will likely arrive on Saturday and Sunday.  There are a lot of Greens from all over the east coast here and there is a significant Libertarian-leaning contingent as well, many of whom are sporting Guy Fawkes masks and Ron Paul t-shirts. From the Greens, Cheri Honkala addressed the crowd yesterday, Howie Hawkins was milling about and Ralph Nader is on schedule to speak tomorrow, among others. I haven't had regular internet access, but will hopefully have some in depth reports in the coming days as I synthesize all my notes and upload pics and video. And then its back to NYC.


DLW said...

When do we get to see photos of D.Eris:
The Man, the Myth?

d.eris said...

heh, I'm camera shy

Solomon Kleinsmith said...

He's secretly Brad Pitt!

Really he's just a regular guy that values a semblance of anonymity :)

TiradeFaction said...

Is it just me, or does the reporter(?) in picture two kind of look like Mike Tyson combined with Barack Obama from that angle?