TSA's Frankenstein Says Agency Has Become a Monster

It has become commonplace that when people speak about Frankenstein, they often appear to forget that 'Frankenstein' was the name of the mad scientist who created the monster in Mary Shelly's novel, not the monster itself.  Just as Victor Frankenstein lost control of the monster he created, and eventually came to regret his megalomaniacal project, it appears that at least one of the architects of the Transportation Security Administration may have a conscience.  Representative John Mica says the TSA should be dismantled.  From Human Events:
a decade after the TSA was created following the September 11 attacks, the author of the legislation that established the massive agency grades its performance at “D-.”

“The whole program has been hijacked by bureaucrats,” said Rep. John Mica (R. -Fla.), chairman of the House Transportation Committee.

“It mushroomed into an army,” Mica said.  “It’s gone from a couple-billion-dollar enterprise to close to $9 billion.”

As for keeping the American public safe, Mica says, “They’ve failed to actually detect any threat in 10 years.”

“Everything they have done has been reactive.  They take shoes off because of [shoe-bomber] Richard Reid, passengers are patted down because of the diaper bomber, and you can’t pack liquids because the British uncovered a plot using liquids,” Mica said.

“It’s an agency that is always one step out of step,” Mica said.

It cost $1 billion just to train workers, which now number more than 62,000, and “they actually trained more workers than they have on the job,” Mica said.

“The whole thing is a complete fiasco,” Mica said.

In a wide-ranging interview with HUMAN EVENTS just days before the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, Mica said screeners should be privatized and the agency dismantled.
Read the rest for all the gory details.  Of course, it should surprise no one that the Transportation Security Administration has been an abject failure.  The people who constructed the TSA are the same people who continue to support the failed war on drugs, Republicans and Democrats alike.  Of course, the TSA hasn't been a complete failure.  It has been invaluable to the Democrats and Republicans in their ongoing war against constitutional rights and liberties, the Fourth Amendment chief among them. 

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