The Parties that Created the Current Crisis Cannot Resolve the Current Crisis

From an opinion piece in the Post Crescent:
We all know too well that our two-party system isn't working. The leaders in Congress, from both parties, are focused more on party ideology and how to finagle the election in 2012 than trying to solve problems. . . .

The idea that the richest 2 percent of Americans will rush out and create jobs if only they can have another tax break has been disproved. American companies establish overseas headquarters for the sole purpose of paying no U.S. taxes.  They invest in overseas factories while the plants in this country are idle or demolished and we have long-term unemployment. . . .

Meanwhile, many who have jobs are exhausted from 10- to 12-hour workdays and 50- to 60-hour weeks.  New workers aren't being hired, even though the jobs exist for them, because having health care coverage tied to employment discourages hiring.

Repairing the infrastructure of highways, bridges, schools would provide jobs but seems to have been dismissed because it costs money.

It's time for some new thinking outside the party boxes or we'll remain in this recessive state far longer than is necessary.
Upon reflection, maybe it is wrong to say that manufacturing is dead in the United States.  The Democrats and Republicans are capable of manufacturing a crisis whenever they need one.  

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