Q&A with Americans Elect at Rise of the Center

Later this week, Solomon Kleinsmith from Rise of the Center will be interviewing the press secretary of Americans Elect and he's asking people to suggest questions for their discussion.  So if there's something you've been wondering about the organization, head over the RotC, and leave your question in the  comments.  From Solomon:
I was able to get through to Americans Elect, thanks to the help of the ever awesome John Avlon, and will be able to talk to someone soon, probably their Press Secretary. I have several questions I’d like to ask, but since I know some of you have questions of your own that I may not have thought of, I thought I’d give you all the chance to give me some to add to my list.
There are already some really good questions in the thread, so be sure to at least skim the comments section before posting.

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