MN: People Lose Jobs Because Democrats and Republicans Can't Do Theirs

The weeks-long government shutdown in Minnesota came to an end in the middle of last week, after Democrats and Republicans came to an "abrupt" budget agreement.  From the Sun Times:
The abrupt agreement on a budget deal to end Minnesota’s government shutdown, in which Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton dropped his call for new taxes and Republicans agreed to spend more than they wanted, has some people wondering why it had to happen at all. . . . “My thought is, what are we paying these people for if they can’t do their job?” asked Crystal Morales, an Iraq war veteran who was forced to move her wedding ceremony because a military chapel in a state park was closed down. “It should never come to a shutdown, never. People should never lose their jobs because politicians can’t do theirs.”
The shutdown has undoubtedly led many Minnesotans to recognize the absolute political bankruptcy of Democrat-Republican party government.   From a letter to the editor of the Duluth News Tribune:
Minnesota’s state shutdown has provided more proof that our two-party system does not work. I cannot believe people think they are voting for change when they simply are giving power back to the same party that failed the time before last. I think both parties failed the great state of Minnesota. Let’s be real. This shutdown was wanted by both parties. I am saddened people still defend these two parties. I am further saddened when people think it’s a democracy under a two-party rule. . . .  We wonder why things are not going well. We lay blame on one or the other party while ignoring the truth that the two-party system is broken! I believe government for the people by the people died when the two parties agreed to not let any other party in government.
David R. Stevens

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