Five Simple Steps to Political Independence

1. Admit we have a political problem. Cease supporting the Democrat-Republican partisan charade.
2. Un-enroll from the Republican or Democratic party, search out sensible alternatives. 
3. Identify yourself as an Independent, network with others who have similarly declared their independence from the two-party charade.
4. Register to vote as an Independent.
5. Cease voting for Democrats and Republicans, cast your vote for sensible alternatives.


wjk said...

Hey Poli Tea!

I share your frustration. I’m all for busting up the two-party system. But I wonder about “sensible alternatives.” What are they? Where are they?

The American mind exists in a manufactured political culture. Political socialization in the US manufactures a myopic vision of “politics” that only lets people see politics as the activity of the two-party system. The very meaning of “sensible” is defined as that which one wing or the other of one of the two parties would approve. Americans are like a fly in a bottle. Those who want out of the bottle call themselves “weak identifiers” or “independents.” What that really means is “I feel trapped in a conceptual prison, and I’m groping for some way out, but I can’t find it.”

Lying propaganda about how our Founding Fathers started the two-party system, plus the persecution of Socialists, and the Red Scare 50s, has conditioned the American mind to think so myopically about “politics” that the very idea of a “sensible alternative” is unable to escape the conceptual confinement public education and political socialization have created. (For more, see my essay on OEN, at )

William J. Kelleher, Ph.D.
Twitter: wjkno1
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d.eris said...

Sensible alternatives: what are they? where are they? I'd argue that they are all around us, they are independent and third party candidates. There are more Americans who don't vote than there are who votes for Democrats or Republicans. Clearly, many Americans already realize that Dems and Reps don't represent our interests, but we are conditioned to feel hopeless, powerless in the face of the parties. But if the majority who desire third party and independent alternatives simply started supporting and voting for those alternatives, we would very likely win.