Will Social Media Kill the Two-Party System?

Joe Trippi seems to think so, and he predicts it will happen within the next two presidential election cycles.  From Politico:
Democratic political consultant Joe Trippi said Sunday that it’s just a matter of time before a third-party candidate comes out of nowhere to upend a presidential front-runner . . . Speaking at the South by Southwest Interactive conference about how social media continues to transform politics and campaigns . . . He said some underdog candidate is going to seize on social media tools in ways that no one has even thought of. . . .

Trippi went on to predict that a third-party candidate will soon raise so much money through the Web that Obama’s 2008 haul will look modest by comparison.

“There's going to be a moment, and it could be in 2012 – you know for my party’s sake, I hope it's in 2016 – but some independent candidate is gonna just come out of nowhere and raise a billion dollars on the Internet, saying ‘screw both these parties, it's you and me baby, let's go change this thing.’”
Trippi predicted this would have a radical impact on politics, as we know it. “It will be the end of the two parties,” Trippi said.
It can't happen soon enough. 

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Randy Miller said...

I read his book "The Revolution will not be televised". I think he was exactly right then and exactly right now. The fuddy duddys in this world don't entirely get it. My senator Orrin Hatch thinks a presence on facebook and pandering to the tea party is going to work for him. Social media is a place to interact, not to broadcast. That's what Orrin Hatch does not get. That is what some of the media does not get about the facebook, twitter and text phenomenon in the middle east. Technology is a means for enabling personal connections. It is a poor forum for traditional politicians to demonstrate how traditional they are--doing that will have a phony appearance and accelerate their demise.