NY: Political Prankster to Enter Special Election Race as Green

From Roll Call:
Just when you thought you had seen it all in New York special elections, Ian Murphy has emerged as a likely, though long-shot, candidate in the race to replace Rep. Chris Lee (R). . . . The editor of the satirical news website Buffalo Beast, Murphy was behind the prank phone call to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) late last month that made national headlines. Murphy pretended to be billionaire conservative activist David Koch. . . . Murphy is likely to capture the the Green Party ballot line, state Green Party co-chairman Peter LaVenia told Roll Call on Wednesday.

“The local out in western New York has talked to a number of different candidates, and they forwarded the recommendation,” LaVenia said. Murphy "was the only one that they came to the conclusion represents Green values ... and is willing to change his registration to Green and run as a Green.”
Murphy was hailed as a veritable hero by Democrats and progressives for his prank phone call to the Wisconsin governor.  It will be interesting to see how they respond to his campaign.

Update: As Richard Winger notes, this special election may well end up being a four-way race, featuring a Green and a Tea Party candidate in addition to the stooges of the Democratic and Republican parties.


paulie said...

Actually, it could be a 5-way...see


TiradeFaction said...

Hmm, this will indeed be interesting. I wonder if the typical programming of the Dem rank and file will turn on once they see he's running against the Dem.