News Anchor: "The change we really need is to somehow dump these two parties."

Via Rise of the Center comes a link to a video from 2008 in which influential Detriot news anchor Bill Bonds signs off from his final broadcast with a commentary stating that "we need to dump these two parties."  A partial transcript, video below:
Like you I love America . . . but more and more frequently I don't trust my government, I don't believe what some of our elected leaders are telling us . . . this America is in deep, deep crisis . . . if we're going to successfully maneuver our way through these nightmares, I think we're gonna have to play a little hardball with these two political parties of ours and the people who control them . . .

we have to find a way to tell these Democrats and these Republicans, these liberals and these conservatives that, "before you were a Democrat or a Republican, you were first an American." I believe there are a lot of Americans who are now convinced that you've forgotten that. I think a lot of Americans believe that maybe you're just more loyal to your parties than you are to your country and your fellow citizens. And maybe the change we really need is to somehow dump these two parties and form a new one, because whatever it is you guys and gals are doing just ain't working anymore. And that's kinda scary.

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