The New War for Independence

In a lengthy and thoughtful post at Zero Party Politics, Gus Bridi argues that "it's time for an American revolution," and challenges his fellow Americans to declare their independence from the reigning two-party state and duopoly system of government this July 4th.  Excerpt:
As "we the people" see America’s infrastructure collapsing around us, as we see our national treasury usurped by military industry blood lusts and financial industry Ponzi schemes, as we see every news media outlet sponsored exclusively by large multinational corporations do the political "thinking" for us , as we see a country that imprisons more people per capita than any country on earth, as we see a country that denies pensions to working class citizens so that it can cut taxes to the same corporations those working class people invested in to fund the very pensions they are being denied, as we see a political process that requires candidates to be sponsored by the same corporations, military industrialists, financial institutions, and "news" media franchises that are robbing us blind and lying to us…it may behoove us to reintroduce the word “revolution” to the American-English lexicon.  

What more do we have to lose? Our homes? Our infrastructure? Our retirement? Our wages? Our access to healthcare? Our “democracy” which requires corporate sponsorship to run a candidate even for municipal office? . . . On July 4, 2011 let’s make a new Declaration of Independence and dissolve our ties with our 21st century kings and queens just as we did with our 18th century kings and queens . . . On July 4th 2011, I propose we as Americans who still have a dog in this fight take to the streets and peacefully, but in no uncertain terms, declare the independence of “we the people” from “them the corporations.”
Read the whole thing, join the comments discussion.  One might wonder if it is at all possible that we could witness the rebirth of radical political independence in the United States.  There is certainly no lack of Democratic and Republican hacks to argue that achieving political independence from the dictatorship of the ruling parties and political class is both impracticable and impossible.  Yet, whether it is possible or impossible, it has become necessary.   

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